Washing machines and dryers are often two of the most utilized appliances around the home. With many homeowners using their washer/dryers daily, it is critical that these devices are equipped with the proper energy efficient qualities that run parallel with the ever-growing awareness we now have towards the "green movement."

Many ENERGY STAR qualified washing machines and dryers will use over 50% less water and energy through each load of laundry. Some models, like GE's Energy Efficient Front Load Washers, will use as much as 64% less water and 75% less energy. These percentages may correlate to nearly $500 in energy savings over the course of the appliance's lifetime.

At the turn of the century when the green movement was beginning to develop a head of steam, becoming more energy efficient generally meant spending extra money in an attempt to help preserve the environment. More recently though, technology companies have made it easier and more affordable to save energy (and water), and washers/dryers exemplify this trend beautifully.

Energy Efficient Washer and Dryers